Blantyre Film Project for Promoting Community Awareness of Pneumococcal Surveillance Activities

People involved: Todd Swarthout, Rodrick Sambakunsi
Institution: Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme

The intention is for this proposed community engagement project to leverage and further develop this existing capacity, providing an excellent training opportunity for student and in-house staff of the community engagement team. One of the primary outcomes of this project would be a film that would benefit both PCVPA and MLW community engagement objectives. Key messages would include the importance of vaccination, the role of research in improving clinical care and public health, and the community’s role in this process. Such roles include as study participants or through research internships that could develop into career opportunities. This film (approximately 20 minutes) would be shown in local film houses, located in small local markets and attracting youth. Funding would allow for launching the film in 2-3 key locations in Blantyre, with opportunity for discussion afterwards.