Dr Andrea Gori

Research Associate in Bacterial Genomics

Division of Infection and Immunity
University College London

Andrea received his PhD in Biosciences from the University of Exeter working both on the genetics and the function of a particular plasmid family found in Campylobacter jejuni. He started his first postdoctoral position at UCL in 2017. His main research interest is Bacterial Genomics: he focuses on the description of the changes in genotype in carriage strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae following vaccine introduction in the settings of the Malawi's second largest city (Blantyre), both from a genomic and a functional genetic point of view. During his postdoc, he also worked on describing the differences between lineages of Streptococcus agalactiae characterised by a different virulence profile.

Andrea left MPRU in September 2022 and is now an Informatics Sales Specialist with Illumina.


Links to selected publications:

1) Gori A, et al. 2020. Pan-GWAS of Streptococcus agalactiae highlights lineage-specific genes associated with virulence and niche adaptation. mBio 11(3):e00728-20.

2) Obolski U, Gori A, et al. 2019. Identifying genes associated with invasive disease in S. pneumoniae by applying a machine learning approach to whole genome sequence typing data. Sci Rep 9(1):4049.