Improving awareness and acceptability of immunization in Kawempe Hospital, Uganda

Principal Investigator: Kirsty Le Doare
Institution: Kawempe Hospital, Kampala, Uganda
Co-Investigators: Philippa Musoke

Recent declines in maternal and neonatal immunization in Kampala, Uganda can be partly attributed to increased fears over vaccine safety. Recent focus-group discussions with pregnant women in the region highlighted a general lack of accurate information, as well as logistical constraints (high patient:healthcare worker ratio and time limitations) in communicating such information during clinic visits and consultations.

The aim of this public engagement project is to harness media technologies to improve understanding of the benefits of vaccination by expecting/new mothers, healthcare workers and the general public. The specific plan is to air short films in antenatal clinics and acute treatment waiting rooms, and to place straightforward informational posters in wards. A collaboration with an advisory committee consisting of women, healthcare workers, caregivers, as well as the Uganda ministry of health communication department will ensure that the content is relevant, appropriate and educational for the target audiences.