“One for All, All for One” project awarded by Wellcome

21 Oct 2019
Picture of a child being held by an adult, in preparation for vaccination by a nurse. Photo by Thoko Chikondi, copyright: Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust

How people think about vaccines is a global concern and an important consideration for health research. (The Wellcome Global Monitor: https://wellcome.ac.uk/reports/wellcome-global-monitor/2018 )

The ‘One for All, All for One?’ project is an exciting new project recently funded by Wellcome to exploring vaccine hesitancy. This is project is a partnership between the NIHR Mucosal Pathogens Research Unit, the Public Programmes Team, creative and patient partners with the aim of addressing the question “How does engagement with herd immunity influence attitudes to immunisation?” The project intends to focus on: -

Empowering people who make decisions about immunisation, to make informed choices about vaccination and contribute actively and meaningfully to future research.

Enabling researchers, to ‘do’ evidence-based and creative engagement with vaccines.

Producing a set of creative, accessible and transferable resources, based around concepts of herd immunity.

Potentially reaching out to a global audience.

Vaccine campaigns and most vaccine engagement strategies focus on individual protection which is undoubtedly very important. However, evidence has also shown that awareness interventions and engagement strategies that are rooted on herd protection, can bring about positive change in the understanding and attitudes towards immunization amongst European cultures and may be more appealing in cultures that are more collectivist than individualist.

Therefore, the “One for All – All for One” project intends to creatively explore different audiences’ perceptions about immunization and herd immunity (how it works, benefits, challenges/concerns and myths) by actively involving communities, research and public health experts and policy makers in dialogue and consultation. It will develop innovative and creative resources that will focus on community protection. The project will engage global South and North audiences on immunization and herd immunity. This will equally involve communities, researchers, media, education experts, public health experts and policy makers.

Phase one of the project will be implemented in Malawi where these engagement resources will be developed, tested, refined and adapted to be tested in other two locations, another African MPRU partner site, and Manchester in the UK in order to enhance a cross-continental process of working with diverse community voices.

Written by Rodrick Sambakunsi – MPRU Public Engagement Manager.