“One for All: All for One” project doing its part in Engaging the Public on COVID 19 and COVID 19 Vaccines

11 Feb 2021

The “One for All, All for One” initiative is a ground-breaking project, engaging people with immunisation and vaccines in the global South and North. The initiative is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the NIHR Mucosal Pathogens Research Unit, working in partnership with the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Clinical Research Programmes and Vocal at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Over the last few months, the project’s Manager, Rodrick Sambakunsi has collaborated with Rachel Mhango, the Media and External Communications Coordinator at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust to deliver a series of engagement sessions on COVID 19 and COVID 19 vaccines targeting students, Journalists, and the general public.

On Saturday, 6 February 2021, the pair, interacted with the public through a Live participatory radio program called Umoyo N’kukambirana which airs on Times radio.

In Malawi radio is ranked the number one source of credible information especially by Malawians in rural areas, who are in majority. This is why, the pair took their engagement initiative to Times radio. Among the many  issues discussed,  the importance of continuously engaging the public on vaccines, the effects of COVID 19 pandemic on Malawians, the impending vaccine and misinformation about COVID 19 vaccine dominated the discussion.

“One for All: All for One” will continue to conduct these engagement sessions in order to play its part in assisting the government to sensitize the public about the pandemic and the COVID 19 vaccine.

In the picture: Rodrick, Rachel and Yankho, during the Live radio program.

Written by Rodrick Sambakunsi - MPRU Public Engagement Manager