Dr Akuzike Kalizang'oma passed his viva!

28 Apr 2022

Congratulations to MPRU (ex-)PhD student Akuzike Kalizang'oma on passing his viva! Aku successfully defended his thesis dissertation on 7th April 2022, and was jokingly called Dr. Dr. Akuzike Kalizang'oma by friends due to his PhD and medical qualifications.

Aku is now a post-doctoral research scientist in the Pneumonia and Meningitis Pathogens Research Group at the Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme, where he will continue his research on antimicrobial resistance and population structure of Streptococcus mitis and S. pneumoniae.

S. mitis is commonly carried in the human oral cavity, and while largely harmless can infrequently cause endocarditis. S. mitis is also a potential reservoir for antimicrobial resistance genes that could be acquired by the closely related mucosal pathogen, S. pneumoniae. Aku has previously published on horizontal gene transfer between S. pneumoniae and S. mitis. We look forward to more interesting research findings from Aku!