HIC-VAC pump priming enhancement award granted to Dr Caroline Weight

13 Aug 2020

Congratulations to MPRU postdoctoral research associate Dr Caroline Weight for securing a £25,000 Pump-Priming Enhancement award from the HIC-VAC Society, sponsored by the BBSRC and MRC. The goal of the study, entitled “Epithelial cell-derived recruitment of immune cells following challenge with wild type and live attenuated strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae” builds on the initial pump-priming project data by now including primary cells and cross talk between epithelial cells and innate immune cells during infection. This work, in collaboration with Respiratory Medicine at UCL, the Francis-Crick Institute and LSTM, will help inform future human challenge experiments and further assess the suitability of these novel pneumococcal mutants as candidate vaccine strains.