Paper on interspecies HGT of PBP genes published in Microbial Genomics

01 Oct 2021

Congratulations to MPRU PhD student Akuzike Kalizang'oma and co-authors on their recent publication in Microbial Genomics! Using a genomics approach, Aku sought to determine whether Streptococcus mitis and S. oralis, commensals of the human oropharynx, serve as reservoirs of antibiotic resistant genes for the mucosal pathogen S. pneumoniae. fastGEAR analysis revealed the presence of mosaicism in genes encoding penicillin binding proteins (PBPs) of S. pneumoniae, S. mitis and S. oralis. Further analyses suggested that recombined pbp gene fragments from S. mitis confer beta-lactam resistance in S. pneumoniae strains. Please read the full report at the publisher's site.