Paper on pneumococcal transmission by HIV-infected adults published in PLoS Computational Biology

13 Jan 2022

Congratulations to MPRU PhD student Deus Thindwa and co-authors on their recent publication in PLoS Computational Biology! By applying a hidden Markov model to a large pneumococcal cohort data collected in South Africa, Deus and co-authors discovered that Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage duration for HIV-infected children and adults are approximately double that of their HIV-uninfected counterparts. Use of ART (antiretroviral therapy) reduced pneumococcal carriage duration in HIV-infected individuals. However, pneumococcal carriage acquisition rates were similar in households with and without at least one HIV-infected adult. The authors conclude that vaccinating HIV-infected adults against S. pneumoniae protects the individual against invasive pneumococcal disease but does not alter within household transmission rates or indirectly reduce pneumococcal carriage in children. Please find the full report at the publisher’s site.