Paper on within host-evolution of pneumococci published in Nature Communications

13 Jul 2020

Congratulations to MRPU postdoctoral research associate, Dr Brenda Kwambana-Adams and colleagues on their recent publication in Nature Communications! The paper, on which Brenda serves as senior author, describes the dynamics of within-host pneumococcal microevolution by examining naturally carried pneumococci in a cohort of Gambian infants sampled biweekly from birth to six months of age, and then bimonthly until twelve months of age. The authors found that pneumococci carried over long periods (spanning several months) among Gambian infants undergo rapid and adaptive microevolution in key antimicrobial resistance,  immune evasion and epithelial adhesion genes. This report advances our understanding of the determinants of prolonged pneumococcal carriage among infants and also demonstrates its significance for the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. The study also highlights the strong South-North-South collaborations within the MPRU. Please find the full report on the publisher's site.