Updates from the MPRU conference in Dakar

06 Dec 2019

The 2019 MPRU conference took place at Dakar, Senegal from 14 Nov to 15 November. The conference was intentionally organized on the African continent to allow more African-based colleagues and collaborators to attend the meeting. The scientific presentations, given both by senior investigators and early career researchers such as PhD students, answered some scientific questions and also raised new intriguing ones. The conference facilitated new interdisciplinary and international collaborations, especially around the topic of surveillance, epidemiology, and vaccine design for mucosal pathogens. A short tour of the Insitut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) was also organized. IPD is a national reference center and WHO collaborating center for multiple viral diseases, as well as the only WHO pre-qualified yellow fever vaccine producer based in Africa. While the vaccine production facility was closed due to infrastructure improvement work, academic scientisits received an enlightening tour of the national reference centers.

Pictures from the 2019 MPRU conference.