One for All, All for One

People involved: Rodrick Sambakunsi, Bella Starling, Steven Kuo.
Institution: Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Program, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, University College London.

The goal of the "One for All, All for One" project is to interrogate factors affecting vaccine hesitancy. While focusing on vaccine-elicited individual protection has worked well, it is highly likely that emphasizing the benefits of herd immunity would work equally well, if not better, in collectivist communities. Thus, the project is intended to specifically answer the question "How does community engagement on the topic of herd immunity influence public attitude to immunisation?" To accomplish this goal, the following efforts will be employed:
1) Provide accessible information on herd immunity in creative formats to local communities and a global audience.
2) Empower key decision makers to make informed decisions on immunisation and engage with current and future research.
3) Enable researchers to do evidence-based, inventive outreach efforts on vaccines.
4) Investigate perceptions on herd immunity (how it works, benefits, challenges/concerns and myths).
5) Engage communities, researchers, media education experts, public health experts and policy makers in active dialogue on vacination and herd immunity.

Phase one of the project (development and testing of engagement resources) will be carried out in Malawi. These resources will then be deployed in another African MPRU partner site, as well as in Manchester, UK in a cross-continental effort working with diverse backgrounds.