Controlled human infection model with lyophilised N. lactamica

Principal investigator: Robert Read
Institution: University of Southampton
Co-Investigators: Jay Laver, Diane Gbesemete

Start date: September 2019

Previous studies of Neisseria lactamica human challenge to interrupt carriage of Neisseria meningitidis (>400 participants safely inoculated) have used fresh frozen aliquots of N. lactamica but this is not practical in the context of controlled human infection in an African lower and middle-income country (LMIC). This study will assess whether inoculation of UK-resident human volunteers (aged 18-45) with lyophilised N. lactamica results in immunogenic stable colonisation of N. lactamica. Results of this study will be used to develop a protocol for a challenge study in the LMIC.

Aim and Impact

Demonstrate that inoculation with a preparation of lyophilised N.lactamica can induce stable oropharyngeal colonisation and establish a new human challenge model.