Nasal inoculation of Neisseria lactamica to inhibit carriage of Neisseria meningitidis by adults in Mali

Principal investigator: Mili Tapia, Samba Sow
Institution: CVD-Mali, Bamako, Mali
Co-investigators: Jenny MacLennan, Rob Read, Rob Heyderman

Intranasal challenge with Neisseria lactamica in UK students has been shown to reduce Neisseria meningitidis acquisition. As this offers a rapid method to control meningococcal carriage during outbreaks. We will seek to reproduce these findings in a healthy adult population in Africa through a dose ranging study and then a larger colonisation study.

Aim and Impact

To establish the dose of nasally administered lyophilised Neisseria lactamica required to induce nasopharyngeal colonisation and contribute to the development of a new human challenge model.