Science in Unusual Places

People involved: Kondwani Jambo, Pauline Mlogeni, Kestern Mkoola
Institution: Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Program

The proposed Science in Unusual Places project will share information of mucosal pathogens with the general public by using football bonanzas. This approach will be used particularly to target Malawian men who, through numerous research, have been noted to be reluctant to seek health and medical information.The project's use of football bonanza will be effective at targetting men, since most men in Malawi like football. The men will patronise the event and will in turn be given information on health, specificially on mucosal pathogens including pneumococcus and GBS. The uniqueness of our approach is that it will focus on people who are already in a particular place thus no need to mobilise people for the information sharing sessions. We propose to have the project running for 6 months. During this period, we will host 2 football bonanzas in Blantyre rural. The proposed project will complement the other public engagement activities that are done at MLW. Some of them are : 1. Community Advisory Groups The Community Advisory Groups (CAGs) are formed by individuals from communities who advise and share information of various research with the communities that they represent. The CAGs will be necessary for the mobilising of the football bonanzas players in their communities. 2. Films Shows As a way of targeting men, MLW Public Engagement hosts film shows in different communities. The Science in Unusal Places project will work on having film shows (under the Public Engagement Grant) at the end of each football bonanza.